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Meeting Room

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Sherbourne House offices
  • Sherbourne House provide individual offices ranging in size, each providing from one to eight workstations.

  • The offices are close to Coventry City Centre, behind the houses in Humber Avenue, next to the River Sherbourne.

  • The cost of all utilities and excellent fibre Internet is included in the rent.

  • The free car park is on a first-come basis & there is also a free car park within 5 minutes’ walk.

  • There is a kitchen on each floor and a shower on the ground floor.

  • The building is in excellent condition and well maintained.

  • There is 24-hour access.

  • All the offices are carpeted and fully furnished with desks, lockable pedestals, swivel chairs and bins.

  • Additional furniture is often available.

  • The fibre-optic dedicated Internet is available through ports, to enable in-office connectivity, as well as WiFi.

  • There is disabled parking and a disabled toilet on the ground floor.

  • Each office has a post box and Sherbourne House can be used as a Registered Address for Companies House.

  • There are also postal options.

  • Cleaning & general upkeep of the building and surrounding area are maintained to the highest standards.

  • The contract is on a rolling 1 month contract.

  • One office is available for meetings, with an online calendar, with a maximum use of 6 booked hours per week, per tenant, at no extra charge.

  • Competitive fixed pricing, please contact for further details

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